Landing Page Feedback June 21, 2019

Ask for feedback: Game to help launch and grow startups faster!

Sergey Shvets @sergey_shvets

After leaving a couple of unfinished projects behind due to burnout, I started to look into ways to prevent that from happening. All of my research lead me to conceptualize the following product: I would like to hear your feedback, concerns, and invite you to roast my landing page!

Thank you in advance!

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    You've got a few grammar errors and some of the speech is a bit clunky. I'd make the assumption that English isn't your first language, so it's probably a good idea to find someone who could write up the ideas a bit better.

    For the first quote, change it to "Grow & Launch Your Startup Faster"

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      Thanks, @mjcarp! Exactly the feedback I needed!

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    Stream of consciousness-style:

    " launch your product and gamified into engaging experience..." (games have structure and good structure is just what's missing from the process of developing and launching, with so many options at a given time ... this would be extremely useful ... if it involves other people the effect would be amplified ... but I'm terribly busy already and I don't think I can invest time on yet another activity ...) "...Low overhead..." (really?) "...It takes less than half an hour a week to participate..." (ok then, I can risk that) "...Every week you submit progress update, and other participants will vote on it..." (consistent attention from committed people rather than casual browsers, this starts sounding very good)

    I stop here not because the rest isn't interesting but because by this point I was sold. Great job of capturing the pain points and addressing the potential objections, looking forward to this.

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      Thanks, @mmr! I'm working hard to launch it by next week and early feedback will be super valuable to help shape engaging experience!

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    Interesting idea.

    What would be the difference between it and a weekly post on IH?

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      The biggest difference: your progress update will be compared to others in the voting each week. Based on that voting your rating will increase or decrease, which can be a good indicator of whether you on the right path or no. Also, doing good will give you extra exposure with people who look on the leaderboard board. And last, but not least, you're guaranteed to receive feedback from people who'll vote on your progress (selected randomly to start with). Unlike, indiehackers where it will be pretty much the same active members each week.

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        I'm not sure what I think about the ranking. But I like the idea of compelled voting, since attention is scarce, and to play the game people will be compelled to focus their attention.

        The reason I think a strategy that uses ranking might be a little off is that there are stories of people who have labored in obscurity and whose projects only broke out after one or two years; a low ranking might have been discouraging for them when in reality they were on the right track.

        But the idea of systematizing feedback in the form of a game is quite interesting.

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          That's a valid concern, but I think that for majority ranking will be for the best. Once we try to run a couple of rounds, we'll know better how to do ranking right.

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        Great response :)

        Look forward to climbing the leaderboard and helping others out.

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          Looking forward to it!

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