March 19, 2019

Ask IH: Any indie hackers up for a weekend brainstorm?

Bobster97 @bobster97

I spent the last 18 months as a partner to the founder/ceo at a Series C stage venture. I led projects that helped the company scale and raise our D round. Projects like revenue intelligence (why did it take us 18 months to make a sale) and relationship mapping (who at our company is best suited to reach out to target at prospect)

There are pieces there that could be productized.

I don't code but I understand the domain. I've started one venture in the past, taken it through seed stage funding with paying enterprise customers.

Tags: cofounder, co-founder, developer, hacker, enterprise, saas, b2b

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    I am Interested in the chat.

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      Are you India based? What time? 730p- 1030p here is 8a-11a there.

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    Im interested too. How to connect?

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      We can do a hangout. Where are you located?

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        Im Bangkok based (GMT +7). So ahead you 14 hours.

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          It's 710a there now? Want to chat in a few mins, or about this time another day? 530p-10p here is 730a to 12p there.

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    Hey would love to talk as a relatively new hacker here. Are you thinking a hangout via video or discord/slack?

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      Are you Tokyo based? Can do a hangout. When? 4p-11p here is 8a-3p there.

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        Hey! When is best for you? Im available at 5-1am pm my time (that should be eveining or I can do tomorrow 8a-3p your time.

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          Only because you suggested it... let's do 22nd @ 9a PST = 23rd @ 1a Tokyo time.

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            Sorry I missed it :/

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