Productivity February 26, 2020

Ask IH: Are you using any Kanban system to manage tasks/flow? Which one is your favorite and why?

Nimish Patel @nimishpatel19

It’s almost mid-week. You will be at the most productive stage in the week.
Nowadays, the Kanban system is trending in the productivity tool market, isn’t it? It is really useful to manage tasks/flow in a faster way and to be more productive.

Are you using any Kanban system to manage the task? If Yes, Which one is your favorite and why? If No then why?
If you are using Trello or any Kanban system then which is your best template? (If you don’t mind, can you share the read-only link?)
What is the best way to manage it? (I am not a good manager)

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    I’m using Trello and use a simple board for most things: to do, doing, done and parked. Then use the cards to break down items into smaller chunks using the checklist.

    For things that take longer to do such as blog posts (which I haven’t done for a while) I break it down into more stages - ideas, researching, writing, editing & graphics, ready to publish, published - promotion, done. And, again, using the cards to give more specific detail if I need to.

    Nothing fancy but works well and gives an overall picture of where I’m at with something.

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      Thanks for reply @pauldmet. Great words from you, So you mean template/flow will be based on professions like blogger, developer or manager. Right? Do you think of any missing parts/features?

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        Missing parts / features to what?

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          I mean Gantt chart or any other reporting when you finish the project.

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            Not really. But I’m a fairly basic user.

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    I’m also learning about Kanban. My big problem with it is that unlike a Gantt Chart, it does not tell you much about when a project will be completed.

    Im testing a basic todo-doing-done, config.

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      Yes as a manager, reports and analytics must be the key tools/assets. Do you think other integration can help anyway?

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        what do you mean by other integration?

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          Integration like this:
          And there are many plugins available.

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          I mean integration with some reporting tools or plugin.

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    I recently wrote a blog post about why I think Kanban boards are no good (And why I built an app that offers an alternative task structure)
    The tldr is that they get very messy and hard to reason about when you're on a project with many team members.

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    Long shot here, but @nimishpatel19 if you're looking for a tool to manage product design process, let me know, we're building just that!

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      Hey @chrischae, Thanks for reply. Intention is to understand kanbans and its usefulness in everyone's life. It will be great if you can share more like any helpful link.