May 19, 2019

ASK IH: Banking and payment. What do you use?

Milos Zorica @milozo

What financial services do you use? Both, business and personal. I see that many of the IH crowd are in the Stripe band.

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    Stripe is definitely a great service, no doubt about it. Beyond Stripe, it's interesting to see what incumbent banks have to offer since they sit on a huge customer / and data base. For example, this year a lot of change is going to happen in Europe as the EU requires all banks to offer APIs for third party providers to access and build applications based on real customer data (Look up "PSD2" on wikipedia). The final deadline is September 2019 but some banks started off earlier, following an open banking strategy. For example, Deutsche Bank ( or Erste ( offer APIs that allow you to leverage bank transaction data for personalization of apps or to validate a person's identity/age/solvency/etc. in real time. (Disclaimer: I'm involved in the Deutsche Bank API program).

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      That's a brilliant piece of legislation.

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    Mostly Stripe, with the added option for PayPal for some things.