April 7, 2019

Ask IH: Best books on personal finance?


I have recently launched a paid newsletter that provides 15 minute key summaries of the best personal finance and wealth building books twice per month. I have three questions I'd like help answering:

  1. Name one personal finance book that has had the most impact on you.

  2. Is the content on the website (www.bamboost.com) persuasive enough for you to try a free sample of a book?

  3. Would you pay $4.99 /month for two in depth and actionable 15 minute summaries of the best personal finance/wealth building books?

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    Rich dad poor dad
    Cash flow cuadrant
    The richest man in Babilonia

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      What lessons did you learn from Rich Dad Poor Dad? I couldn't stand it as I felt like it was mostly fables. Wikipedia has a section on the criticisms of the book. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rich_Dad_Poor_Dad

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    Nice site! Are you concerned whether the ideas of two books/authors might give conflicting advice? It might be a challenge for first time readers

    eg: Intelligent Investor/Graham -> invest in gradually growing established conservative companies
    Rich Dad Poor Dad/Kiyosaki -> invest in small high risk startups
    Four Hour Work Week /Tim Ferris->stay away from investing or anything you cant have a direct impact on, put everything on a savings account

    My picks (since you already had my favs on the landing page haha)
    The Millionaire Next Door, Richest Man in Babylon

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      Hey, thanks for the message! We think providing a wide range of content and ideas for our readers will enable them to take key snippets away that best suit their lives. Completely agree that this could be confusing, but we're hoping to position of reviews and summaries of books in a way that presents the author's thoughts as "one of many perspectives" - hope that makes sense?

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    1. “Your money or your life” by Vicki Robin & Joe Dominguez. Awesome read.
    2. Would be good to offer some different options for the free sample. Otherwise, yes
    3. Just checked out the free sample. I'm in.
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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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