April 29, 2019

#ask-ih: Code/Pull Request visualization in GitHub (Free trials/usage, feedback needed🙇🏽‍♂️)

Tommi Tallgren @Totall77

Hi IH coders,
We would need feedback and users to our beta solution for GitHub. If you're running your own or organization code in GitHub and would like to get a free graphical analysis of every pull request (faster reviews, no unwanted new dependencies to increase technical debt) and check your code-architecture in a visual browser, please try our automation app: https://github.com/apps/softagram

If you give feedback to us how to improve/how you liked it, I'll give extra free months to use it ;) (just leave a short note to this thread or email/chat)

Help greatly appreciated! 🙏

Addition: GitLab/Bitbucket/AzureDevOps user? That's also easy to set up directly via our website: https://softagram.com !

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    Signed up. I will be using it in next couple of days.

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      Cool! Can't wait for your feedback/ideas!