Developers November 18, 2019

Ask IH: Developers, what apps are you paying for currently?


I'm interested to know the tools (preferably paid) you're using for increasing your productivity or improving your daily workflows.
Mine are Paste and BetterTouchTool.

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    I may be an addict... I pay for a lot of tools, but hey if it saves me time I'm all for it.

    For my SaaS I pay for the following.

    • Zapier (Running cron jobs, other integration)
    • Azure (for all my hosting)
    • G-Suite (Email)
    • Hubspot (CRM to keep up to date)
    • Stripe (best payment platform)
    • Github (Not sure if I need to pay for this now that private repos are free...)

    For my Photography business I use:

    • Typeform (Get info from our customers)
    • Book Like a Boss (Appointment Scheduling Software)
    • Stripe (payment processing)
    • Bonjoro (Send personalized videos to customers)
    • Canva (Create good looking marketing material)
    • Pixieset (Hosts all of our client galleries)
    • Butter CMS (A tool to host our blog, and other content)
    • Drip (auto send emails, and campaigns)
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      I may be an addict... I pay for a lot of tools, but hey if it saves me time I'm all for it.

      You and me both! If the productivity benefit outweighs the cost then it's worth it IMO.

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    • PHPStorm

    Best PHP IDE out there

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    Digital Ocean (3 small droplets)
    Amazon, SES for email
    ProtonMail + ProtonVPN

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    • Adobe Illustrator, because I like to draw things before I develop them (I'm a front-end developer).
    • Sendgrid
    • Plesk
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    Wow! You guys DO spend money!
    I guess being in the 3rd world makes us think twice about spending SO MUCH money on the paid version of apps.


    • Glide (prototype app)
    • Pixelmator Pro (I paid for it because it's a 1 payment only)
    • Hosting & domains

    % of sales

    • Stripe
    • Jotform
    • Manychat

    Tools I use in the free version

    • Glide
    • Canva
    • Buffer
    • Integromat
    • Zapier
    • Google Suite
    • Mailchimp

    and a loooong etc.

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    General tools

    • BetterTouchTool (MBP touchbar replacement)
    • Magnet (osx window manager)
    • Enpass (password manager)
    • Office365 (family pack)

    Hosting, etc

    • cPanel license
    • Contabo VPS
    • OVH VPS


    • PhpStorm (my fav JetBrains' IDE)
    • RayWenderlich subscription (for Swift and Kotlin learning)


    • Plausible (our fellow IndieHacker's product)

    and possibly something else, can't recall all of them atm...

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    Some of these I've bought myself, others have been bought for me as they're related to my main job.

    • Inkdrop
    • MailMate
    • TablePlus
    • 1Password
    • Gifox
    • Bartender
    • Sound Control
    • Divvy
    • Fantastical
    • Transmit
    • Laravel Spark
    • Pinboard
    • Things 3
    • Sketch
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