April 6, 2019

Ask IH: Does anyone have experience with Donorbox?

Chris @blunicorn

Hey IHers, I'm looking into different 3rd party services for taking taking donations. My criteria are fairly simple:

  • It should be straightforward to setup
  • Easy to add to wordpress
  • Preferably not dependent on Paypal, I've never been a fan
  • Take donations from anywhere globally, and not necessarily USD only.
  • Setup recurring payments, ideally monthly.

I know donorbox ticks all these boxes and uses Stripe which I like, but it's a space I'm unfamiliar with so wondering what else is worth considering?


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    I have. They are great and affordable.

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      Thanks :-)

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        If you can, it’s way better to bypass third party services and just use Stripe. It keeps data management much better.

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          yeah I know, also it would save a load of money, it seems like stripe is expecting people to go with a 3rd party almost - found this just now https://stripe.com/works-with/type/platform/category/fundraising ...I will look into a few of these though. Sadly, I'm not a developer, so building something myself is also out of the question.

          I think something like donorbox might be fine for the sake of MVP and if the project works out then I can look at something custom/direct with stripe :)

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            There is also https://www.givelively.org/ I never used it, but it seems like it's build on Stripe—and they don't charge any fees either.

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              Thanks, that looks like a good option as well, I'll try and compare the two in a bit more detail, but the fact it's free is obviously a huge plus!

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    I believe it's what Jordan Peterson uses as a result of him leaving Patreon. So that would be a big +