Ask IH: Does this video explain the offering?

Hi everyone, does the attached video explain Wordmetrics?

Obviously it can't explain everything, but does it give you a general idea of what Wordmetrics is?

Any other comments / criticisms very much appreciated. ... It's my first time using Apple Motion.. don't diss the animation! :D


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    Honestly?…It’s pretty Dope! I like it, looks well done and professional. I especially like the contextual editor feature. Are you still doing any beta? Would like to give it a try. Thanks. Good work!

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    It's a decent long-form video but not nearly concise enough for twitter. It explained it, but I would say it was overly wordy, especially for something on twitter. It took most of the video for me to understand that it's an AI assistant that suggests keyword search terms while you write content.

    If it had popped up on my twitter it would have had about 4 seconds to get something across to me - so it would have been totally ineffective for that unfortunately.

    I'm no ad expert but consider making literally the first frame the 1 sentence summary of it's main benefit. Something like "SEO: Rank higher, faster with contextual keywords suggested by an AI while you write." Even that's a bit long.

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      Great advice! Thank you.

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    It explains what the product is quite well and... that's the problem.
    The video talks a lot about features but not enough about benefits and value.

    Also, I feel like it lacks dynamics and enthusiasm. Besides, I was expecting a person talking to me.

    But hey, I'm not a video expert so take it with a bit of salt.
    Anyhow, nice work so far and all the best iterating on it!

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      Thanks for the great feedback!

      The video is primarily for Twitter which is why there's no voiceover. I suppose I can add one, but as I understand, the vast majority of Twitter views don't use audio anyway. I hear you though ... I may add a voiceover in the future. I'll put it on the To Do list.

      I'll see if I can bump up the enthusiasm in the next version : )

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    It's super clear and well done, but I won't say it's easy to understand. You are emphasizing SEO and AI a lot but I don't really see the relationship between the 2, until the 00:40 mark where you started showing how it suggest SEO to writing and more practical stuff, only then the idea started clicking.
    Like the others already suggested that the video is pretty long, I feel like the intro can be shorter, also I didn't really finish the whole video, I stopped at around 1 minutes mark, it's way over my attention span. :p

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      Great feedback. Thanks. Sounds like maybe I should split it into two videos. One for branding and messaging, and another which previews the actual application.

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    I feel like it should be at most 30 seconds. I don't have the patience to watch a video that long about a random product, especially on Twitter.

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