May 16, 2019

[Ask IH] Easy way to incorporate?


For many reasons most indie hackers will have to somehow incorporate/found a company/entity. e.g. for payment processing, for tax/legal reasons

  • What are you using for this? e.g. manually with your countries chamber of commerce or a third-party service

  • Is anybody remotely (e.g. in the EU) using a service for this (e.g. in the US)

  • Are there alternatives or similar services to Strip Atlas?

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    I used Gust Launch for incorporating eventOne. It was very straightforward and easy.

    I believe they only support US citizens, though. For that, you'd probably need Stripe Atlas (I believe they support non-US citizens). Which I've heard is really good as well.

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      Incorporating in the US as a non-resident non-citizen remotely is not an issue. Getting a bank account is. That's where Stripe Atlas is literally godsend.

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    Hey Janniks! We used for our incorporation in Singapore.

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    Unfortunately i don't know any pan-european service, although in popular destinations like ireland or cyprus you can find experienced offices that take care of the whole procedure , even remotely. It will be hard to incorporate in an EU country on your own, there is a lot of bureaucracy and every country is different. I dont know of anything like stripe atlas for EU.

    There is no central place for this kind of information either. We are trying to build a database of "where to incorporate" here:

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