Landing Page Feedback April 21, 2019

Ask IH: feedback on my landing page

Louis Svugr @louissugar

I'm building an instagram Engagement pod management platform, and while I am still in the early stages of product Dev, I want to publish a simple landingpage to capture potential leads while I work on the product. Can you guys give me feedback on what to include on it? Here's what I have so far:



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    I see a Namecheap parking page.

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    Lots of work needs to be done.

    Favicons, metatags, features (aka benefits to the customer) and most of the copywriting.

    I see you're using Wix. Very weird it isn't mobile responsive which is important especially for your target niche. Google's PageSpeed gave you a score of 21/100.

    I'm working on a landing page builder and i'm in need of early access users to test it for free. If you want email me for more info :)

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    Overall, good start and good luck! Someone posted the link to on here the other day, and I found it to be a useful reminder of what makes a solid landing page.

    Initial thoughts:

    • While you have a mobile & desktop version of the site, it seems like it is based on user-agent vs. screen size. Since I opened the site on desktop but in a narrow window, most of the page was cut off. Ideally the page would readjust automatically when the user shrinks their browser window. Looks like you are built on Wix, so not sure how they handle this.
    • I am not an instagram expert, so this might not be a problem for your users, but I didn’t know what an “engagement pod” was. Maybe switch that to a statement of the value? “Automatically group your followers by engagement-type so you never have to <manage spreadsheets> again.” Or whatever problem they have that you can help with.
    • I wasn't sure who this was for even by scrolling to the end. Does it help influencers with lots of followers? Brands? People who manage multiple accounts?
    • The site still has a default title of "mysite" which is what I see in the tab.
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      Thank you, looks like an awesome resource and I will make sure to check it out! I'll post new iterations of the site as I work on it :)

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    Hi Louis,

    Yes, @volkandkaya is very correct. You need to put a lot of work into this. If I was searching for whatever product you are offering, I would immediately close the tab.

    Wix gives you lots of great tools to create a great website, maybe try Wix ADI and go from there. Check out Dribbble and Uplabs to get some design inspiration.

    I know you are not done with your landing page, but what does your product do? Cool, there's a dashboard and it's fully automated but what else is it?

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    Maybe the page is down. Let me know when it's back up - I'd love to give you feedback.

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    Seems like your page isn't visible right now, but you might be interested in this article to give you some ideas about what to think about when building your landing page. Let me know if you've got any questions, will happily answer them.

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    If I was to give one piece of feedback it would to be to have more copy on the landing page that focuses on the benefits.

    Talking about features isn’t inherently wrong, but you always want it coupled with the benefit of that feature. It makes for more compelling copy that converts better.

    A feature talks about an attribute of your product. A benefit talks about how that feature helps the customer. Extra points if the benefit is solving a pain point for your target audience.

    Here is a good resource with some examples:

    Good luck!

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