January 25, 2020

Ask IH: good free chat service to talk to early users?


I want to be on top of early users, collecting as much feedback as possible. Bootstrapping, so I'm looking for a free chat tool that preferably routes to email when users are not online.

Looking at Tidio.com, which looks decent. But what do you use?

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    Check out my product: https://www.plummapp.com/

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      Thanks, feature-wise looks good, but I would suggest to invest in some better design for the chat widget. It's kind of basic styled now, taken up a full sidebar as well. I wouldn't put it in my app like this.

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        Check Plumm widget now. I have improved styling according to your comments.

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        Thanks for remarks! What do you mean it takes a full sidebar? Do you mean on mobile?

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    I second Gabe's recommendation. Definitely check out crisp.chat

    We used their free program when first starting out https://blook.io

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    I use crisp.im, which has a decent free plan. Been an indispensable tool for feedback on divjoy.com

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      Thanks. I've checked out Crips many times and I'm sure it's good, but their free plan is very limited and it only gets really interesting at their highest plan. I'm not there yet :-)