Ask IH: (Help!) How and where would you promote freelance professional services?

UPDATE - I have reposted with a better title and reworded the content a bit:


I’m looking for ideas and advice about how and where to promote my freelance professional software services.

I mostly do backend systems like APIs, cloud services integrations, workflow automation and some jamstack website building.

I see a lot of Wordpress site development jobs but it seems to me that my target client would be building something a bit more involved like a SaaS.

So how and where should I promote my services?

Things I’ve done:

I am seeing a bit of an increase in traffic to the site, but nothing earth shattering.

I’m a developer at heart so the marketing and promotion side of things isn’t second nature to me yet. Do I have the right approach?

What else do you recommend that I do to find new clients?

What other places are good for finding clients that are building backend systems?

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    i think all of these are good.

    but, do you have existing customers?

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      Thanks for the comment. The challenge, and the thing I’m asking about is finding new clients.

      1. 1

        right, but, that's the point...

        ... i always start with my existing customers to recruit the next batch of customers... especially in the early-stage. is this not possible in your situation?

        the best "sale" is a customer testimonial... and a really happy customer.

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          Btw - I hardly got any views on this post, so I changed the title and content and reposted:


          If you have anymore ideas would great to hear them there.


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            sweet! interesting idea. unsure of what that'll do.

        2. 2

          Thanks - customer testimonials is a good idea!

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