April 9, 2019

Ask IH: how can I find out which service is used by companies? (food/nutrient/diet)

Emanuele Ricci @StErMi

Hi everyone, I would like to create an application for myself (and maybe release it) that track my current diet and incoming/outcoming calories and nutrients. I see that there are already some available like Lifesum, Lose It!, MyFitnessPal and so on. I would like to understand which API/Service they are using to offer food suggestion and attached nutrients for grams. Part of those are UGC but some are clearly from a source.


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    If those API's are at all public facing (e.g. somehow embedded into the HTML output of the site) you can use tools like BuiltWith.com (free version) to get an understanding of this. If it's not public facing, well...

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    Hop over to rapidapi and search for nutrition - I've used the spoonacular API before and it's very good. Good luck!

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      ...it was for this little project (I made it for fun)


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