May 26, 2019

Ask IH: How do you market your product?



This is those who have managed to get paying customers. How did you market your product to your target audience?

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    Blogging is a good idea, you can create awesome content for people to engage and boost your Google rankings, be active on social media and create giveaways to increase your following, and of cores paid advertisements.

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      Do you post your blog on your website or post it on Medium?

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        On the website, to be honest, I haven't tried posting on Medium, so I don't know the feedback about that, but I'll do it in a couple of weeks and I'll let you know how it went.

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    For me it is all about social media. Sharing content people want to engage with. It is hard but cost no money.

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      I find that really hard to do :(

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        I would also suggest listening to episode 10 of the IH podcast.

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        Ask IH for suggestions with content for your specific target. For one of my products it is all about films so content about movies and award shows is pretty easy to produce.

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    On one of my other projects - Turbo 360 ( which has around $1500MRR - I created a ton of youtube instructional videos showing aspiring programmers how to build several projects. All the projects were hosted on Turbo 360 which is a hosting platform. This took a while but over the course of year or so, it became self-sustaining. I don't have to do much beyond maintenance at this point and it continues to gain users and paying customers.

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    Initially, organic Google search and Reddit helped a lot. We created a free tool which got inbound interest. And some % of those users decided to pay for our paid service. Google still helps today, but word of mouth is contributing to a larger and larger % of new customers.

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