April 15, 2019

#ask-IH How much would you be willing to pay?

Yuri Alves @YuriGuernsey

How much would you be wiling to pay to get your product to be promoted on social accounts, blogs, and news sites for you


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    I think you would need to really define the value more specifically to give you an estimate. Like specifics how often are you promoting, what is the traffic/expected outcome, does this include any influencers resharing, etc To be the value is not doing it but using it to drive awareness. So would need to know the value more you offer to get you an idea of what I would pay for it.

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    Nothing initially.

    "just paying" for arbitrary promotion on various platforms is a poor investment of effort IMO. Especially for makers like us on IH who start small. I did this with FB and AdWords on another project and it was a waste. Sure I got clicks but they were entirely the wrong clicks.

    Searching, hustling and just speaking with communities on Reddit, Facebook Groups, and other more intimate forums is a far smarter strategy IMO. It only costs you time, and critically, you learn about your (potential) customers and their problems as you're going.

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      Ok, that makes sense.
      Thank you for the tip.

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    The specifics make all the difference. Where? How? With whom? For how long etc?

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