Content Marketing February 8, 2021

Ask IH: How much you spent for SEO content?

Peter Greb @qilisiang

As a developer working on my SaaS, I plan outsource content writing to freelancers. But I am wondering how much you spent hiring content writer(s)?

Assumption: around 1000 words per article.

  • Less than $50 per article,
  • Between $50 and $100 per article,
  • Between $100 and $200 per article,
  • Monthly subscriptions, OR
  • Other?

Any recommendation for freelancer specialize in cyber security?

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    I'm using where I spend 1k/mo for about 4-5 articles per month (10,000 words).

    IMO the more valuable thing than getting someone for you to write about stuff is to learn WHAT to write about and I'm more than happy to pay SEO professionals to decide that for me. You're looking at medium traffic keywords with low competition.

    I also went the super-cheap-SEO-content way of ~$100 per article from a freelance writer and it just never paid off.

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    @qilisiang Hi Peter, I'm happy to help you with content writing. Do you have a budget in mind?

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    I haven't ever hired someone to write for me but I did get paid once to write 500-ish piece of content for $50 and I think that's fine if you're not looking for an expert in the topic or native speaker.

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    I have had two writers in the past for - both do good work. I pay one $200/article and the other I pay $100 per article. I don't give exact word requirements because I think it hinders creativity. Instead, I ask them to look at the SERP they're targeting and let them know their work should be ~25% longer than the competition if possible.

    I hired them directly (on a contractual basis ofc) by finding existing ranking articles and contacting the authors, I tried using freelancing services and just got shit work.

    I also write the majority of my own content still as well though, content marketing is expensive and you have to be able to consistently put out quality stuff if you ever want to see an ROI

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    Depends A LOT.

    I've got high-quality articles of 1,500-2,500 words for $100-$150. However, if it's more technical writing, prices increase a lot.

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    This is a usually based on word count in most cases.
    Think 1000, 2000, 3000+ words per article. As a content
    writer within the SaaS niche, I charge $50/1000 words.

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    Really depends. You want something engaging and in-depth if it’s on a particular high volume/value search term that is highly competitive - for this, you’ll need to hire a professional that know his/her stuff that will include images/screen captures etc that google will crawl and increase visibility. I’d suggest spending higher on 3-5 of these a month as opposed to multiple light posts.

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    Well! I have been going through this lately, some of you may have seen my plea for freelance writers. So, what we have mostly landed on is a mixture of what you have listed. So, most are quick, easy articles at $50ish, then about 2 a month are $50-100 and more indepth and intermediate level. Lastly, one is about $200-300, longer and very technical.

    I wish I had been going at this for any length of time to report on how easy and effective it is but we are literally launching this content strategy as we speak.

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    I'm not sure people here spend much money on SEO content ¯\(ツ)

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    I am interested in the answers too:-)

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