April 28, 2019

#ask-ih: How to find an investor for full-time projects?

Misir Jafarov @misir

Hello, IH. I'm working on a payment processor (like stripe) https://pay.uviba.com. Now we need some money to grow our platform. But we (me and my co-founder) don't have an experience in finding an investor.

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    For 300k raise, you are going to target angels. Angelist.co is a good place to start, find people interested in the topic of payment providers.

    You can also generally look up and try to find angel investor networks or groups in your area.

    But for only 300k, I would expect 3-6 investors that you will need to get involved. I would probably take out the 7% and just see how much interest you have first, then figure out with your potential investors what will work and negotiate.

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      Thanks <3

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      This comment was deleted a year ago.

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    How much are you trying to raise? The advice is very different depending on that!

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      $300k for 7%