Growth October 9, 2019

Ask IH: How to find companies that are actively looking to promote their brand?


We show ads on our website via Carbon ads and here are some details:
Location: Bottom-left at (where there's a Carbon ad currently)
Views: 100K+ per month
Top Countries: US, France, UK
Price: $500/month

I'm cold-emailing a bunch of developer-focused companies but not getting much response. Is there a place to find companies that are actively looking for such opportunities to promote their brand via website ads, newsletter promotions, etc.? How did you find sponsorships for your product?

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    I would start by looking at what ads you're seeing when you log in to Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Reddit. The ads you see are companies that are actively spending money right now to get their product in front of you.

    Make a list of these companies and look for the right person to contact.

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      David, this was really helpful. 🙌
      We got our first sponsor today:

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        That's awesome! Glad to hear and glad I could help :)

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      Thanks for this advice! I'm on it. :D

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    1. Add your prospect's URL.
    2. If you see Google AdWords or GDN, then they are or have spent money on Google AdWords.
    3. Now reach out to these guys on LinkedIn or Twitter directly.