#ASK-IH: I am making an app to help you write down your business ideas and need feedback

Hey guys! I am currently working on Eureka. Eureka is the app which helps you write down your business ideas in a more structured and beautiful way. The app allows you to quickly write down your idea, categorize it and then go more in depth by essentially using a lean-canvas approach.

ℹ️The idea came together because I was always using note taking apps, modified to-do lists, printed out lean canvas etc. to write down my business ideas but none fulfilled my exact needs. More on that later when I launch it :)

📱The app is currently in iOS beta and I already got some great feedback. However, given the fact that you Indiehackers probably have the most ideas, I would really like to get your feedback.

📲 If you are interested to help me out, here is the link: https://geteureka.app/

Just submit your email and I will happily send you a link to the beta. 🙋‍♂️

Other than that what I really would like to know is what you think of the current two criteria "Effort" & "Investment" to structure the idea more. Effort means how much time the idea will take to develop and Investment how much money it will take. I am not quite sure if these are the two best fitting criteria though. Another one I could think off would be "Scaleability" maybe.

Which criteria would you like to see?


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    I think there is an area of opportunity in the "Share them" idea. Instead of sending PDFs, which requires some effort from the recipient to save the time, read the document, think, throw out some thoughts and get back to you.

    Instead... my suggestion is that any piece of content added to a biz idea (text, image or video) could be object of a "request for feedback" from somebody else. The app would then create a (non-indexable) page in your website to expose that element and collect feedback from the people you'd chosen. All that without exposing the entire content set (project folder?) from the idea you are working on.

    Feedback is King! Once you start getting it in a structured way, it will be a natural thing for you to invest more time on the project (motivation) or dump it (realization).

    The landing page looks good. Congrats and good luck.

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      Thanks so much for the feedback!

      This sounds def like an interesting idea. I am just not 100% sure if I got it right. What do you exactly mean with any piece of content could be request for feedback? :)

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        What I mean is that once you have the idea you start gathering pieces of content that reinforce it, that give it a shape and form. Images, links, text, a TED video etc. And to make all that even more valuable, you can ask others to give you feedback. But you don't want to throw everything on their laps and ask them to check it out. Instead, you want to share a specific content and ask feedback on it only. Example: you take a picture of the napkin with the workflow you want to implement in your product, you upload it to your app, and then share with your UX expert buddy; "Hey, check out this flow. Can you comment on possible UX for it? Thanks! =)" That's it. But is key that your app can keep all that valuable feedback stored for you, so you can refer to it later. I hope that clarifies. Cheers

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          Thanks! Sorry for the belated answer. Yeah that clarified it. Sounds really interesting and I will put it on my list. I think I will start out without this features since it would take a more time again to implement it and I would like to validate it with more users first.

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    Great idea! Will definitely use this. But I'd like a redesign, at least other colors.

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      Thanks for the feedback albin! Yeah I struggled a while with finding the right color for this project. Usually I do not like those legacy/elegant colors, however, for this project I wanted to use them and the majority of feedback so far was really good. I will probably stick with the colors but I will think about again. Which colors would you think would suit the app better?

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    Not sure what you're asking about the Effort​t and Investment" but I think you should add some features that can enable network Effects.

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      Thanks for the feedback! Could you please explain a little bit more what you mean with features that can enable network effects? You mean the ability to share content etc. like @koello above stated?

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        The tool is better when more people use it.

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