#ask-ih: I have to give build a Q&A / Help center / wiki for my clients. What is the best approach?

My application has many features that I must explain to the client view copy / paste email. I would love to find a service that allows me to build a wiki / Q&A or some help center that would relieve me of some support issues.

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    What about You Need A Wiki - I haven't used it yet but saw @gkiely mention it.

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      Awesome share, thanks, I'm gunna try it. Man I couldn't find this on google and I searched for ... 10 minutes

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        My SEO definitely needs some TLC.

        I've seen quite a few people using it for help sections, reach out on twitter or [email protected] if you have questions :D

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    I use https://timelapsehc.com/. Modern site design, easy to use, no unnecessary bloat.

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    Hi Philip, I'm the founder of Document360 (https://document360.io) I believe Document360 is will be suitable for your requirement. We have the concept called project, you can maintain one project per client and keep things isolated. You can manage all the projects from a single location. A project can be made public or private (accessible only to that the specific client). We have advanced things like version control, back up/restore etc. It's a SaaS product and you don't need to worry about hosting and other things. If you are interested, please book a demo here https://document360.io/request-demo/ we can show all the concepts I explained here. Regards, Saravana

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      Hey man, signed up for a demo.

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        thanks, got your request just replied back to your email.

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