Meta July 13, 2019

ASK IH: Let's boost #Daily-stand-up

Tim @MisterHat

Hello Indie Hackers!

I've got a #meta question for you!

As you probably noticed Achieved ( is now live. 🎉

It turns out that in 2 days, we engaged conversation with 3 startups communities to build with them community boards where all the members could post their "daily stand ups" in a visual and attractive way.

From what we obverse and understood, it has a lot of value for community members to see what others are up to and what is their focus. It appears to be a motivation enabler and also a source of inspiration.

So... Do you see the value in creating an Achieved account for the Indie Hackers community?

Of course, this account would be free of charge and it this works, we'd be more than happy to discuss an integration with @csallen and @harlem

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    Love the UX! I'd be down to use it... but only if I could access it directly from IH. I'm not silly enough to think I could maintain two rounds of logging. And I wouldn't want to leave the feeding grounds of IH!

    FYI, I'd be willing to use this for other accountability groups within which I'm involved. But there would need to be a way to split that hefty price tag!

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      Thank you @Harlem for your kind feedback! :-)

      I totally agree with you in terms of integration.

      If you believe some of your groups would benefit from Achieved, I'd be happy to discuss this further and arrange something really fair in terms of pricing.

      Just send me an email to or engage a conversation through Intercom after you've created an account and we'll discuss this.

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      yes, congratulations on the launch! I'd echo the comments of others in that I'd like to avoid posting in two places, but something well integrated would certainly be interesting.

      Also, some other questions just out of curiousity: is it quite similar to I'm also wondering if this is something that @csallen might already have in the pipeline?

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        Actually, many makers / startup communities have their own collaborative task system such as ProductHunt, Makerlogs, Makerkitchen, etc. But most them have an horrible UI :-)

        Our goal isn't to make a business model out of the community system, we'd offer it to IndieHackers in exchange of a bit of visibility as we're targeting teams and companies.

        Definitely interested in @csallen thoughts on this. :)

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      I would be down if it integrated with IH; I would mostly be afraid of yet-another-service which segments users and then both of them die out :-). Those network effects are tricky.

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        Yes, I totally agree with you. The integration is key and we have to be careful to not divide the community.

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    Not a lot, to be honest. Sorry.

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      Don't be sorry, it's good to know. Any chance you could elaborate your answer? :-)

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