June 29, 2019

Ask IH: Makerlog vs WIP.chat vs PH Maker Goals?

John Joubert (JJ) @johnjoubert

👋🏻 I’m thinking about joining one of these communities to share goals and stay accountable for what I’m working on.

Any recommendations? What do you folks on IH recommend? 🙏🏻

I think they’re all great but I don’t think I could use them all at once so hoping folks can help me decide here 😁

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    I may be a little biased (I made it 😂), but you should check out Makerlog.

    It's super simple to use, works with your workflow, and the community is amazing! 🔥
    I think ML strikes a nice blend between the other communities... You should definitely pop by and check it out. We'll welcome ya 😂

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      Thanks Sergio! I will definitely check out Makerlog 😎 Are there any other obvious differences between Makerlog and the other two I mentioned? 🧐

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        There's many! :)

        1. Integrations: Makerlog has a plethora of community-shipped and official integrations for things like Google Assistant, Menubar, Telegram, and more.


        1. Wellness: Makerlog is the only community with tools for wellness and keeping burnout in check. You can earn rest days while keeping your streak balanced.

        2. Inclusive: While communities like PH Goals are free, I strive to make inclusivity a center front goal for Makerlog rather than a checkbox in a list. We love bringing everyone along a productivity journey.

        Let me know any questions!

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          This is really cool, some great features. Especially love the wellness aspect 🙌🏻

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    You should check out me. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Anyways all community you mention is awesome people.
    Some i met in real life and some of them online.
    For communities wise, i look for good positive vibe so i choose Makerlog, see you there!
    PS: WIP is awesome too, PH Maker Goals is ok, IH is great, theres tons of Telegram Group by other makers too!!! and theres plenty communities of makers/hackers out there also.

    But everyone is on twitter! 🔥🔥🔥

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      So glad you like Makerlog, definitely positive vibes ✅

    2. 2

      That’s a good point. I definitely plan on building in the open and using Twitter to share progress too! 👍🏻

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    Or Product page milestones here in at Indie Hackers :)

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      Thanks for the reply 🙏🏻

      😁I definitely plan on using those, but also feel like they might be a slightly different use case 👍🏻

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    Makerlog is the best one. Probably the smallest but people engage and are helpful.

    I loved product hunt a year ago, but I believe it is slowly declining in quality. Too many new users that want to take without giving anything to the community. I tried to help in the discussions and most of the time, after spending 5-10 minutes to craft a helpful answer, they just disappear. Product hunt team is great, but it's what happens when you become popular, you attire a lot of vultures.

    Never tried wip.

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      So glad you like Makerlog. ❤️

      Yep- that's a huge distinction between PH's and Makerlog's community. ML strives to be organic and we moderate heavily to keep quality on the up side while staying inclusive (and free!)

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        you guys are doing a good job. Honestly, I didn't register for the feature that you are most famous for (the log, I prefer pencil and paper for my daily goals) but I really like the discussions. I can both learn and help at the same time.

        I can't stand people that register in a community for their own interests and give nothing. On makerlog I never found people like, I am sure that's because of your moderation work and the culture that you build in the community ;)

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          :D so happy you love the community

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      Thanks Luqa! What would you say makes Makerlog the best? 😁

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    I use Makerlog since nearly 100 days now and it just a great tool and an amazing community.

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      Yasss, Stefan! How's that coffee!!

    2. 1

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙏🏻

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    I think Indie Hackers + WIP are the best.

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      Thanks Harry, what do you love about WIP? I’m genuinely interested to hear more about WIP as there seems to be a lot of ❤️ for Makerlog so far!

      1. 5

        i dunno - wip people don't care that much which is quite nice.

        just go with your gut. it really doesn't matter that much. at the end of the day you've got to write the code, sell the product etc.. yourself!

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    I love me some Makerlog! @sergiomattei has created a great tool and build a helpful community that supports the makers.

    I'm on there, here's my profile. You should pop by and say hi.

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      Thanks for the feedback. I will definitely check out Makerlog 👍🏻

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        Np. @jjbuildit whichever community you pick, your consistency determines it's value. For me, I use Makerlog & IndieHackers to help me be accountable, approachable, and coachable. This creates a byproduct where I become stronger, dependable & productive with things that matter and align with my values, goals, mission, and life.

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        Np... I was only being honest ;-)

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    Makerlog ! give it a try and you will understand why.
    My favourite is the rest day & integration

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    Makerlog all day long!! 😃
    It is hands down the most helpful and kind community out there!
    Everyone there is super engaged. You know that when you ask — you'll get an answer! 🙂

    PH Maker feels to me very isolated, which kind of makes the whole thing pointless.

    So think no further — give Makerlog a go first! 👍

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    Makerlog anytime anyday!

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    I like Makerlog for its easy entrance, API integration (I log tasks from todoist app) and openness. I think other communities are also great 😁

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      Ah that’s good to know! Looks like Makerlog is a favourite here on IH 🎉

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    I switched from PH Makers to Makerlog and never looked back. PH lacks a lot of features and also the community on Makerlog is much more active and helpful.

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      I'm so glad to hear you like Makerlog! 😄

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    I'm a WIP user and I mean, it's fine, never used Makerlog and didn't like PH Maker

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      Thanks for the insight 🙏🏻

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