May 21, 2019

Ask IH - Mobile app for mental wellness

Vez Onn @vez1132

I want to develop an app that's designed to help people get through hard times. This app will have categories such as break ups, job layoff, depression, lack of motivation, etc. Users can go into the app and listen to pre-recorded sessions from licensed specialist. I'm leaning towards to 15-30 minute recordings so that they can listen on their way to work or on a long walk to clear their heads. I plan on charging $4.99 for the app. Do you think this is a good idea?

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    Hey Vez! Welcome to the mental wellness space 😄

    Pricing can be tough, but here are a few things to consider:

    • Meditation apps often cost up to $10/month

    • I charge $2.99/month for my gratitude journal app on a freemium modal. Some people tell me it's way too much, but almost 10% of DAUs are subscribers now

    Generally, I'd try to find a way to charge more than $4.99 or, even better, turn it into a subscription business. You'll likely need to create new content to keep users engaged so I think it's well-justified! I tend to think of these things in reverse: how many users would you need to support yourself based on this model? Will you be able to bring in new ones at the right pace to maintain that? 2000 new users a month is definitely doable.

    In terms of idea, I like it in general but I think you might need something to keep users engaged over time. Maybe you could add a premium version where they can actually pair with specialists? Seems like you have a good idea for an MVP you can build on.

    Good luck!

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      Hey @mattkandler thank you so much for the awesome feedback. Everything that you mentioned is something that I've thought of. One that comes to mind is the new content idea. That's definitely something I want to include along with short bios of the person, in this case therapist, that's providing the content. Eventually, I would hope that there would be a library of resources for users to scroll through and that library would be long enough to help them got through their tough time. I can also see people coming back to and listening to same recording. No different than watching the same movie, reading the same book or listening to the same podcast. Sometimes you go back to the source just in case you may have missed something valuable.

      Your feedback is great and I wish you nothing but success on your app. I wish I had the technical skills to build it.

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    Do you have an idea how to make your App different or better than Calm/Pacifica/Moodpath/etc?