May 4, 2019

Ask IH: Monetize a web app through ads

Dragos Ivanov @ivandrag


Saturday thoughts. What do you think about monetizing a web app through ads? I know that having pricing plans would work better, but what if people find value to use the product, but not to pay a lot for it? I have a web app where I invested some money, but it is not making much and was thinking to try and go this way.

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    What are your number of daily users? What is the app about? Some areas have high paying ads others don't.

    Maybe try an experiment - run Google AdSense for a two week period and see if you get any meaningful income.

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      Perfect answer. Why not try it? B2B? If so, traffic may not need to be as high as mentioned by others.

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    As somebody that's made over $320k from AdSense, I'd recommend against it, unless you have an absurd amount of traffic.

    No shame in cutting your losses on a project and pulling the plug.

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      By the way, what do you mean by an "absurd amount of traffic" ?

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      Yes, but it's hard to lose 20k when I can recover some with ads if possible.

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        Maybe not an "absurd" amount, but If you're going to go the self-serve route with something like AdSense, you're going to need tens of thousands of impressions a day to even recoup a few hundred bucks a month.

        Even at $200 monthly ad revenue, it would take ~8 years to recoup what you invested.

        If you were to do ad-supported free + pricing plans, you very well may be able to move the needle from free to paid just due to folks not wanting ads.

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          it's something that people might use just one time. I can't actually see how they can pay and use it without the ads.

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            This comment was deleted 21 days ago.

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    Could you get sponsorships? You can widget to display them prominently?