April 15, 2019

#ask-ih New ideas for growth engines in your product?

Chaitanya @chaitanyad

Having read many success stories of platforms using certain features in their products as growth engines, I wonder, how many of them still work.
For example: LinkedIn used "invite your contacts from your address book" to gain users, however, we understand that it is an irritating feature for the user. Nonetheless, it is hailed as one of the primary reasons for LinkedIn's growth.
How can we use these techniques for our products? And if we cannot , what new examples have you seen in products that we can take cue from to engineer growth in our products.


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    Calendly is doing very well on this topic, check it out

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    I always liked the "give ___, get ___" model -- certainly works well with more B2C type things. Doesn't get you the irritating exponential growth of LI, but it helps!

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      Yes, I understand, like Uber/ Dropbox do with referrals. However, this technique is limited to where there is tangible value for the user to be extracted from the platform. Don't you think?

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        I guess I'd always hope that my platform would provide tangible value.

        We know that social proof is the best way to get customers. It seems like letting someone be an ambassador for your product while giving someone else value and the ability to de-risk it, expense-wise, is pretty ideal if you can swing it.