September 14, 2019

Ask IH: No Code benefit

Shun Yamada @shyamady

I'm planning to build something with No Code. What would you guys think is the benefit for full stack developer to equip No Code stack?

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    Depends what you are building and what your skillset is?

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      Thank you for your comment.
      This time, I would build CGM like Do Things That Don't Scale, Open Startup, and NuCode.

      My background is a full stack developer. Ruby, React, and Firebase mainly.

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        Is it quicker to get a No Code version up if you have the current coding skills?

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          Just curious. I can build it by my coding skill totally :)
          It's quicker to launch it with coding than NoCode for me.

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            Hey Shun, I think you've already answered your question! The goal is to always bring a solution that people are willing to use, or pay for. It doesn't matter how it's built be it no-code or with code.

            As a developer, I get the dilemna. But you have to extend your focus from just the building (which is arguably the easiest part) to finding and solving real problems people face.

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              Yep. That doesn't matter whether the service built by No Code or coding for customers totally. Thanks a lot :)

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    When I asked my developer friends why they were interested in no code stacks, what they told me kind of surprised me. Responses I got were they would like to automate or reduce the overall amount of coding they have to do where ever necessary so to speed along the project.

    It is becoming an advantage if you can link together apps without code and then customize or build on top for what you need.

    I thought that was interesting.

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    I personally love the 'no code' trend. It makes it incredibly easy to spin up an MVP and validate your main hypothesis. I've found that when you need a bit more customization or want to take your hypothesis to the next level, it can get a bit challenging with the out-of-the-box no code solutions. is a good tool to help bridge the gap. For those developers looking for an easy way to spin up a website or app and need backend services like:

    • email
    • storage
    • image manipulation
    • automated backups
      and tons more

    It's a great way to quickly build your functionality while still having the 'no code' speed of iteration. Check it out!

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      Thanks for your advice. I'll check kodemo :)

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      I'm reading now. Thanks for sharing.

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        Hey Shun, just catching up to this and wanted to see if what you were reading was helpful for what you are looking for? I am the maker of that site. The original site I created is still up at and it has the custom recommendation no code app builder as well as the tech stacks behind other makers. The site has no code tool recommendations.

        Hope that helps and let me know if I can help you.

        Thanks - Michael

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    If you are really full-stack developer, the no-code approach is like running a marathon on your knees. The idea of no-code is for non-programmers/early-stage-programmers to launch apps without the hiring of costly developers, or ASAP without learning new programming skills.
    As you say, you can launch it faster while coding your way through it, so what's the point? Now the question is if you are really able to launch it faster than no-code, or you think you can?
    If you are really faster, then go ahead, don't look for alternatives to self-made code.

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      That's a good point, Bart! I wanna never be a programming learner or a skillful engineer. Just focus on earning money.

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    "No code" is still essentially coding, but via pointing and clicking and wiring a lot of APIs together. It's just more tedious and with less expressive tools.

    The one exception is when the tool creates exactly or almost exactly the thing your want by default.

    In general, I'd recommend it in the same situations where you'd use WordPress + plugins instead of building the app yourself, i.e., when you're building something very trivial or very cookie-cutter.

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      Thanks for your comment :) I see.

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