April 17, 2019

#ask-ih Overcoming Writer's (Product/Feature) Block?

Rick Power @rickpower

What did you do to overcome this? I've been in a rut for about 6 months...

Some ideas:
-Meditation/Yoga (I already practice)
-Write for 20 minutes every day
-Go on a vacation to experience life outside of your world
-Go to Burning Man
-Visit a shaman and drink ayahuasca
-Go on an overnight drunk and in 10 days set out to find the shark that killed your friend and destroy it (possibly with dynamite)

Cheers to everyone who gets the jokes, but seriously... what worked for you?

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    1. Solve your own problems.
    2. Your unique. Write the blog post only you could write.
    3. Set constraints. eg. I'm writing an article every day no matter what
    4. Any "block" is a function of not consuming enough interesting information / experiences.

    And also, forgot all that advice and just start. You can't edit a blank page. Get comfortable making rubbish. You learn by doing. It's all trial with small error, iterate, go again ...

    The chances are the next thing you make won't work. But you need to make it anyway to sharpen you up.

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      Thanks! I like this a lot.

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    A 5th of whiskey, 8th of mushrooms and binge watching Californication seems to do it for me.

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      Haha thanks for the response.