April 14, 2019

#Ask-IH Persuasion tips for our website?


We're looking for some tips on how to make our website (www.bamboost.com) more persuasive to encourage more folks to sign up for a free sample.

Any ideas?

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    Just signed up. Pretty cool. Agree, somewhat with Andrea, but I don't mind putting in my email for this.

    Look at Blinkist's copy and specifically ads (look on their facebook page, and view their running ads). https://www.facebook.com/pg/blinkist/ads/?ref=page_internal

    One note is, think about the person who is reading your site. 'Get sent' vs 'Receive'. I'd rather understand the value I'm getting (I'm receiving takeaways from biz books) vs you pushing something towards me.

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      Hey @spiritt Matt, thanks for your feedback!

      Just took a quick scan through some Blinkist ads and already gave me a bunch of ideas! I quite like the message: "invest in yourself".

      Also noted on our positioning. Cheers!

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    Let visitors see a free sample without having to sign up with their email address.

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      Interesting idea Andrea. I think we can definitely at least show a small snippet on the free sample page to give people a taste, but still require an email address for the full free sample (i.e. because it's lead gen for us). Thank you for your feedback!

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