Ask IH: Pre launch feedback please

I am working on a Bookmarks Manager and Web Clipper and was hoping to get some feedback from the IH community prior to my planned launch the first week of May.


This is my very first project and I have a lot to learn. I'd consider my first effort to be a bit more then an MVP but not a full-featured product as of yet. I have been very hesitant to launch as I think it still needs a lot of work, yet I also wanted to get some feedback from the community.

Some highlights of how Clipd differs from other bookmark managers:

  • Progressive Web App (runs as an app on most devices including Desktops, Tablets and Mobile phones)
  • Highly customizable with features like Dark Mode, changeable theme colors, multiple layout modes.
  • Trello like sections view, or Evernote like List view, no restrictions as to how the content gets curated.
  • Instant tag filtering and full text search
  • Can store not just links but images, videos, articles etc
  • Advanced automatic tag assignment with alias support

Any and all feedback, criticism, suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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    I've been working on a productivity app as a side project and so far the most important thing I learned - learn to love your project and see why it's different from others. I was in the same situation when I called it "yet another x" and people did react the same way. But when you actually have the answers on why you building this and share the love to your product and its path - other people will feel it.

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      Thank you, that's great advice.

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    I am also working on a project that is meant to be a competitor to others apps that supposedly already solves the problems that I am trying to solve, so as I've been thinking about how to sell this product and give my target a reason for why they should choose my product instead of others, I came across with a nice little trick to help you see how to display your ideas, making your quirks shine writing somethings down on some tables (could be Excel):

    • In column one, list all the non-desirable alternatives people resort to when they don't have your product at all. Next, describe what makes each alternative bad. (Now scroll down to see the examples below before continuing to the next point.)

    • Your list of what makes each alternative bad is now your starting point for generating value propositions: In column two, write out how and why your product is better than the bad alternative. (Scroll down for examples.)

    • In the third column, which is a separate brainstorming exercise from the first two columns, simply list your most valuable customer personas. (Most valuable means they pay you the most.) This third column is to remind you what audience you're pitching to. For each persona, list the two product benefits they care most about.

    • Now, reduce the second column's list of value props down to just those that satisfy what the top customer personas care about. In other words, use the third column to filter the second column to your most valuable value props.

    Source: https://www.julian.com/guide/growth/landing-pages

    PS: Just telling you my experience with this problem since I dont think my feedback would be precise seeing that I am not a user of these Bookmarks Manager or Webclipper apps. Hope you get results :)

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      Thank you,appreciate the insight

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