May 13, 2019

Ask IH: Schedule recurring messages on Slack. I saw it missing, I've started to building it, and now I'm thinking it won't be that useful.

Mini John @minijohn

Over the months I've needed a system that lets me post daily or on a recurring schedule to slack channels (e.g. Mondays and Fridays to #general, Every tuesday to #clients)

I noticed recently a coworker hacking that together via iftt. That made me aware that other people have the same issue.

After some research, I didn't find anything satisfiable so I decided to build it.

My Question is: Would you be interested in something like that? If you had the tool, would you find use-cases for it? Would be be willing to try it out?


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    It has value and so does scheduling slack messages. My team exists across many time zones. I've found many of the team do not like receiving messages after hours. It upsets them as it makes them feel like they must always be available.

    When it's after hours I've found when I can schedule the slack messages to fall within business hours and that the messages can be delivered in a staggered timeline; it's a win.

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      How did you scheduled the messages to fall within business hours?

      Since there's already a way to schedule messages though the reminder feature built in that Slack has - I think don't think there's too much value to be added with a tool like this...right?

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        @buildersof you can’t schedule recurring messages with the slack reminder.

        @RyanHickman thanks for the input. I’m building in time zone support!

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          Think you might be on to something - so go build it!

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        It's a custom script we have internally for scheduling future messages.

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    There is definitely some need for it. I looked for a solution myself in the past. Ended up using IFTTT.

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      Reminders are not recurring. They are just a one off message at a specified time. What do you do if you want to post daily to 2 channels?

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        Yes Reminders to channels can be recurring, again right from the page I linked:

        You can set recurring reminders in a number of ways, too. Here are some ways to format the [when] portion of a recurring reminder for you or a channel:

        We use them as a reminders to submit time sheets every week, to add to the team meeting agenda before the weekly meeting, in fact we use multiple one off and recurring reminders all the time across multiple channels.

        Not trying to crap on the idea, just sharing what we use. Reminders to users for example can't be recurring, so perhaps that's something that can be improved upon.

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      You can't use reminders in a channel? I think reminders are only private.

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        Yeah you can it's right in the page I linked:

        In the message field, type the /remind slash command and you’ll see a template of how to format your reminder: /remind [@someone or #channel] [what] [when]