May 17, 2019

Ask IH: Should I get a website if I'm just making an Oculus app?

David @cosimo

I'm making a mindfulness VR app for Oculus Go and I'm almost finished. Should I make a website for it? Is there a compelling reason to have a website if someone is developing an app (whether that's mobile or otherwise)? It is only 10$ and a few hours of time, but I'm not even sure I'll make anything from the app.

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    Have you thought about a static website hosted on github page for free?

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    I would say don't waste your time on a website for an app until you have some real users. After you release your oculus app, if it takes off, then you can add the website.

    In my experience the store presence will drive more traffic anyway because people who are at the store are looking for things built for that platform, so chances are much higher they are willing to try your app; as opposed to a random website hit.

    The website comes into play when you have traction and want to give a good image about your product overall. Then you are going to want to provide all these avenues to interact with the end users.

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    From your post I'm guessing your app will be available at some marketplace (Oculus Experiences?) - so I would focus on a good presence there. You may need to create "Developer Privacy Policy" and "Developer TOS" and host it somewhere.

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    If you have a personal site that should be enough for now, just describe your app on a page on our personal site.

    If not it probably makes sense to setup a website to list all the apps you are building for Oculus or anywhere else.

    If the app helps grow your audience then you're making something from the app, having a website to drive users to to find out more and subscribe to an email list is always a good idea.