May 8, 2019

Ask-IH: Should I sell a desktop version of my saas?

Nicolas Granja @ngranja19

I created the micro-saas a year ago. I did it as a side project, and as an experiment, to learn about the whole process of bootstrapping my own project. Its generating like 20$/month, is not so much but at least I'm not losing money ;).

Today I received a message in Product hunt, asking me if I would sell a desktop version of it.
So.. I'm not sure what I should do, is like selling a lifetime subscription, plus I should make some developing.
And in case I decide to do it, how much I should charge it?

I appreciate any suggestions and comments.


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    Why not? You could use Electron.js to build it, making binaries for macOS, Windows and Linux fairly quickly. This is how Slack and Trello build their "desktop" apps. It's how I'll be building my desktop app for Shuffle this year.

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    There is no reason why desktop version can't have buildin subscription or credits. If you have any idea about programming (and looks like you do).. you can put something together in VisualStudio (WinForms C#) after a few days of watching tutorials :)

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      thanks for your answer!
      But I understand that what they are asking me is not just porting it to desktop having to pay for each package, they want to generate as many package as they want without paying for each one.
      On one hand, it would be a great opportunity to make some extra money (but I don't know how much), on the other hand, is not a great selling strategy..

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        In that case.. it all depends how much they are willing to pay for the software. If they would pay enough that you could actually develop an app (just to cover the costs +/-), you would end up with a new product to sell ;-)