April 5, 2019

Ask IH: What are you using for handling Payments and managing Users? Share your site.

Matt Smith @QuaffAPint

First off - it's Friday - Woohoo!

Quick 5 share...

  1. Your site (optional)
  2. How are you handling payments?
  3. How are you handling user accounts?
  4. Why did you pick those?
  5. Would you recommend them?

Start typing and have an awesome Friday!


  1. 5
    1. https://www.pulno.com
    2. Paddle
    3. All payments data are handled by paddle, and the rest that left is handled by me
    4. They handle all customer related stuff like invoicing, payments etc.
    5. yes
    1. 1

      Nice @kris2! Does it monitor all the time and send you reports or just manually triggered?

      How did you integrate your paddle data and user account data? And would you do that again or just do something off the shelf?

      1. 3

        There are paddle scripts that trigger my api every time something happend, like new subscription, payment, missed payments etc. I just need to add a link to customers invoice in my application. I also get email every time someone get an subscription. If something goes wrong on my side I can ask paddle to trigger my api again. I dont collect user personal data, I just have connection between account in my system and paddle subscription. I think it took as 2 days to implement everything. Before I've implemented payment gateway and all user/invoce data, tax mechanism and everything in my application on my own. It took me at least 3 weeks.

  2. 2
    1. https://trail.care
    2. Stripe (with express accounts)
    3. Oauth + django auth framework
    4. Stripe is super easy and developer friendly. Oauth because it's the only way to achieve what I wanted.
    5. Yes. Stripe has been great, their APIs are wonderful and the premade stuff they offer is great as well. You might not even need to do any coding to get it working for you, depending on the use case. Django is just great all around.
    1. 2

      Thanks @Fingel. Great site and love the idea. Thanks for sharing.

  3. 1
    1. https://www.docsapp.io
    2. Chargebee + Stripe (Started before Stripe Billing available)
    3. https://www.silhouette.rocks/ + Various OAuth providers (e.g. Google, GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, SalesForce, and more)
    4. Best Scala lib for authentication and authorization
    5. Yes, but you might want to use Stripe Billing without Chargebee
    1. 1

      I'll actually be needing a place for hosting my docs, so wrote this one down.

      How are you combining stripe/chargebee with your user accounts?

      1. 1

        User accounts saved in database, and sync to Chargebee once user create project. Source of truth for user is my database, subscription is Chargebee.

  4. 1
    1. http://getfavor.it (billing side of things is not yet launched to the public)
    2. Stripe
    3. Software library called Devise
    4. I used them in a previous long term project and know them pretty well (might change the user management piece to something else at some point
    5. I'd definitely recommend stripe. Devise can be a bit clunky at times, so I'm definitely on the prowl for something better
    1. 1

      Thanks @concept47 for sharing your site and what you've been using.

      Why no paypal to go along with stripe?

      FYI - I couldn't get your site to load.

      1. 1

        FYI - I couldn't get your site to load.

        ahh interesting. Not sure what that's about. what are you seeing?

        Why no paypal to go along with stripe?

        Because I haven't got around to it yet :)

        1. 1

          I'm just getting a connection timeout.

          Would you ever use something that combines paypal/stripe into one api/widget?

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