Landing Page Feedback April 24, 2019

Ask IH: What do you think of my landing page?


This is my first app!
I won’t tell you anything about it to see if the message comes across well. After a glance …

Do you understand the idea?
Does the page catch your attention?
Is the CTA compelling?

I’d love any other #landing-page-feedback

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    • Yes, pretty clear as it is
    • Yes, I like it a lot, especially shots of real people and measurement of fish in the image
    • If I were into fishing, I don't see why I wouldn't want to get early access unless there was another app out there that already did this for me, or if I used the good ol' measuring tape and scales to do this.

    Overall I think it's pretty good. My only addition to this might be: it may be cool if the page looked more related to fishing than a typical startup you see with Dribbble-esque feel to it.

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    Like it. Instantly clear what it does, except I guess "mount" only makes sense to people who are into fishing.

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    Nice page, the idea comes across right away. My only remark is that the 'pre-order on the App Store' button does nothing when I click it.

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    Fun idea! Page looks good, but I wonder if it looks a bit too tech-y for a fishing app.
    Also, a video would be a great addition and eye catcher to help explain things

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    Do you understand the idea?
    Yes though I wonder its viability.

    Does the page catch your attention?
    Yes. Clean and to the point.

    Is the CTA compelling?
    I'd think it will be for fishing enthusiasts.

    But @brunkotj, I'm just amazed there indeed is/will be an app for measuring fish too ;-)

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    I like it a lot
    simple, punchy and straight to the point.
    I am guessing you can take a picture of the fish, and it tell your the metrics?
    I am not really a fisher..but i can see why this would be useful...

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    Looks cool. If I understand well, you scan the fish, it takes the height of it and give you back an estimated weight. I'm not into fishing but I guess this is cool (if it works :p)

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    I like it! Gets my attention and clearly explains the app