Landing Page Feedback April 21, 2019

Ask IH: What do you think of my landing page

Eric Abrahamsen @eabraham

I'm building a tool for Travel Bloggers to help showcase their trips and help them build affiliate income streams. What do you think of my landing page?


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    1. Message is clear ✅
    2. Name is clear ✅
    3. No bugs ✅
    4. Color scheme and branding both are nice ✅
    5. Clickable demo is cool ✅
    6. This kind of product need a video ❌
    7. Widget adding process is not clear. For example, which blogging platform do you support etc. ❌
    8. No feedback after submitting email. You could send a message like: "I will contact you shortly in 8 hours." for example. ❌
    9. Where i could find my revenue then? Is it profile on site or what? Process is unclear for me ❌
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    OMG! It's exactly what I was trying to build several years ago.
    I lost the interest then though, so I wish you good luck!

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    Nice widget. Is the widget mobile responsive?

    Not a fan of the company name.

    You have little information about the tool.

    I would include how it works, features, pricing, about us, faq, privacy, terms of service.

    I would then try to find some medium/big size travel bloggers to test it and get their testimonials.

    I'm working on a landing page builder and i'm in need of early access users to test it for free. If you want email me for more info :)

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