May 1, 2019

#ask-ih: What great coaching programs or masterclasses for Saas founders are out there?

Ryan Frahm @rlfrahm

I'm looking for good coaching programs and/or masterclasses that exist for Saas founders to level up my businesses.

What recommendations do you have?

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    What about SaaS Marketer Essentials by Claire and Gia?

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      I'll check it out thank you!

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    Hi Ryan, what kind of coaching you are looking for?
    I'm asking because people can mean different things by coaching:

    • a form of training
    • an inquiry-based process
    • or a mixture of these
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      I tagged you in a thread where I describe more succinctly what I'm looking for.

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        Sorry, I should I have mentioned that I saw that comment.
        Is it not very clear what do you mean by the program. Are you looking for advice- or content-based program (similar to Tony Robbins or Sam Ovens, you've mentioned) or you are looking for non-directive coaching?

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    I don't have any personal experience with it but I know Dan Martell has a program for SaaS founders at $10k+

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      I've never heard of Dan, I'll check him out thank you!

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    Not sure if this is what you're looking for

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      Thanks I'll check it out!

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    @rlfrahm what are your current challenges and goals?

    From your profile, it looks like you already have a lot of experience (and success) as a founder.

    So classes/programs in the $0-5k MRR space (like my Sales For Founders course or are probably several steps behind your current challenge.

    Outside of courses in specific niches (eg on fundraising, hiring, growth etc) I haven't come across a good general coaching program for someone who has already reached the 10k MRR mark.

    If you do find one, I'd love to hear more.

    FWIW, I know many founders in your shoes set up (in)formal mastermind/accountability groups.

    I'm actually setting one up right now with a few founders who are at a similar stage with their business.

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      I'm looking for more personal growth programs for Saas founders looking to take things to the next level, which are oriented around topics like:

      • Saas product development strategy
      • Go-to-market strategy
      • Leadership
      • Team management
      • Business development
      • Focus & continued efficiency
      • etc.

      Basically, programs that aim to develop a person to be a more effective founder & keep growing both monetarily & psychologically. I believe most people refer to these as "Executive Coaches" or something like that, but I'm really interested in finding out if there are any programs put on by other founders of Saas businesses.

      I actually do quite a bit of sales/marketing coaching for my customers, but am really looking for opportunities to speed up my own development in order to take my businesses to the next level.

      I know such people like Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson, & Sam Ovens exist... But I was wondering if there were any other Saas focused heavy hitters out there doing this thing?

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        I once came across before. Never tried it. I like the idea of a Mastermind, can never seem to prioritise the time.

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          Ohh I'll check it out! Good masterminds are like cheat codes!

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        @AlexMartynov here is a good description of what I'm looking for!

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        We offer founder coaching with - you might want to try that.

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          Why is the pricing so cheap?

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            Our goal is to make coaching accessible to everyone. We've also got over 500 reviews showing how great it works.
            Most coaches price so high because they can't find clients on their own. We have a 28,000 member community so it makes it easy for coaches to get clients.