April 6, 2019

Ask IH: What PPC would you use for a new website?


Hi all,

I've recently tried out using Google Adwords (for my website) and it's OK. However, it does burn your dollars. So, I was thinking of trying out other PPC service that is cheaper but effective. Which PPC would you recommend besides Adwords?

Thank you for your support.


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    Facebook ads is a good one to try.

    Also give Quora a look as you can get some really specific targeting there.

    Reddit ads also if there are specific subReddits that likely contain your perfect target audience.

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      Do you think Reddit Ads is effective or Quora?

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        Depends - Reddit Ads are hit and miss because the community there is particularly hostile to advertisers. Usually the best method is to post there and subtly advertise or otherwise provide value first - that way you tend to get your message across, but under the radar.

        Quora on the other hand demands Long-form, value-add content, but is not hostile to advertisers and drives traffic over a longer time period (albeit generally less traffic)

        Thats what we've found with https://www.aidem.network anyway