Developers December 21, 2020

Ask IH: What tech stacks are you using for your internet-of-things (IOT) projects?

Mark Smith @mjgs

I’m curious to know if there are any internet-of-things (IOT) entrepreneurs / hackers out there?

What tech stacks are you using?

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    MQTT for device to cloud communication and device tracking.

    EMQX as the MQTT broker.

    ESP32 + ESP-IDF to code(It uses C so it's a bit archaic but very stable)

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      @bluepascal - Thanks for the details.

      I’m guessing this type of framework is for controlling the various hardware periferrals?

      Do you happen to know what type of tech is used to create the web based config UIs used in many iOT devices?

      Or is that not even a thing, is all the config usually just in the firmware?

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        Yes its used for controlling the hardware and getting data from it.

        From the web based config UIs you can try node red(if you are using Raspberry Pi). Even cumulocity is a good choice .

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          Thanks it’s good to know that node is running on a lot of iot devices. If there is a Linux OS then it would be quite easy to setup a server to run on startup.

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      Vercel is awesome :)

      Are you building some products in the IOT space?

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