May 7, 2019

Ask IH: What's the easiest money you spend?

Per K @klevenio

What services/products do you pay for each month without thinking? For me it's GitHub and Spotify (Family). If the price tripled I would still pay. What about you?

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    Did you mean in business, or in personal life?

    I'm gonna go real basic here, highest priority first:

    • Food
    • Shelter (a la mortgage)
    • Electricity
    • Petrol
    • Internet
    • Mobile
    • Pool chemicals 😅
    • Web hosting

    FWIW, I don't have Netflix, don't pay for Spotify. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. 2
    • ClassPass
    • Amazon
    • Headspace
    • Costco hotdogs
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    Stripe! Clearly!

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    A fancy gym, haha!

    A lot of you might say that you don't need new equipment, an instructor or face towels to stay fit, but, if you can afford it, it can become your form of escapism and actually start craving for it into your busy day. Don't forget to work hard while you're there, though!

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    There is this chicken wing speciality place where I'm currently living that is just too damn good!

    Good insight actually... If a product is just THAT good, it's much easier to pay.

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      True, price doesn't really matter as much if the product is that good.

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    Aside from required expenses like food and rent, it would probably be books. They're not that expensive, but I buy a lot.

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      Same here. Lots of ebooks from Apple and Amazon. The odd physical pocket here and there.

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    A few more from me:

    • Apple Developer Account
    • HBO
    • Netflix
    • AWS
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    Oh I have quite a few of these

    • Netflix
    • Spotify
    • Simplecast
    • Google Drive
    • Phone
    • Gym
    • Musicbed
    • Medium

    (there are probably some more)