May 3, 2019

#ask-ih: What's the most subscribed Paid Newsletter?

Dario Salvelli @darios

Hi guys,

I'm writing a post on my blog about how to build a successful Paid Newsletter. For example, I'm a subscriber of

I want to collect different case studies and examples interviewing founders of 10 of the most successful Paid Newsletter with tips, tricks, etc.

Please, can you mention which Newsletter are you paying 1$/mo or more?

Thank you!

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    Hi! I wrote a post on this subject myself - mostly about how to actually go about setting it up technically, using Trolley to handle the subscription payment elements and add your subscribers to Mailchimp automatically when they've paid.

    I believe Stratechery is one of the most popular paid lists; Scott's Cheap Flights does well too (and I think the creator of that has been interviewed by IH)

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      Yes, useful post, I've already found it, thank you. I didnt' know Cheap Flights, will check IH archive

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    In the past, I've paid for Stratechery and Unqualified Opinions. I've got two newsletters that are each generating a small amount of revenue and I'm working to build those; interested in checking out your post when it's ready, Dario.

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      Will update this thread. (y)

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    You might find Substack useful. They have a good amount of people publishing paid newsletters through their platform.

    Here's a list of their top paid newsletters:

    Hope it helps!

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      Yes, i know Substack very well, I'm already an user :) For example Popular is based on Substack

      Thank you!

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