May 24, 2019

ASK IH: What's your conversion rates from reddit?

Tim Madden @trike

We had an article/blog post get to the front of a subreddit with about 50k subs. We received ~300 visits from which we had 2 conversions, just wondering how this compares.

Obviously it depends on the product and the subreddit, we could do better if the subreddit is more aligned with our market.

We also want to improve our sign-up presentation and process to help conversion.

#ask-ih #conversion

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    Reddit is a hit or miss. Works like a charm if you pick the right niche.

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    reddit is very very picky . They say post your link. so I do and then the community jumps on you and say you are spamming. Even when you are on topic and even when your product is not commercial. go figure

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      Yeah that's my experience too. The sidebars in the subreddits all have a similar rule about posting promotional material, however I see it all the time. If they like it then they'll upvote regardless. There's a lot of thinly veiled posts that are promos masquerading as content, some are really good though. It's hard to gauge.

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    I had run an ad on a specific subreddit a while ago and saw double digit conversion rates. Can't provide specific numbers because I lost those analytics! My scenario was way different from yours because my targeting was very specific.

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      Thanks @bcosynot, Double digit conversion is impressive, you must have been happy with that! Conversion will be more successful the more targeted you are I guess.