March 16, 2019

Ask IH: What's your process of marketing?


Hi all,

I would like some advice (or you could say strategies) on how to market a product. So far, I've announced it on some subreddits and HackerNews. But how would go about marketing beyond here?

I've got some thoughts:

  • Try PPC on my niche
  • A phone call some businesses to my niche
  • Write blogs and so forth.

I don't really want to spend a lot of time on SEO. I'd rather pay for marketing but not sure where to start?

By the way, I love the support I'm getting here.


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    Step 1) Make something people want. Step 2) Talk about it to potential buyers. Step 3) Scale. Most people fail at 1).

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    Hi again. Marketing is such a broad area it’s hard to recommend one thing, so instead I suggest reading Traction by Gabriel Weinberg (disclaimer: he’s my employer). It has an overview of several marketing channels, and you choose three that feel most relevant for your circumstances. You test their effectiveness and then focus on the one that works best. If none of them work, you go back and choose three other channels, and repeat.

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    It depends! What’s your product? Marketing a B2C product with a low price is different than a high priced B2B one.

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      The market is B2B (generally any business that is selling a product). It's a receipt platform I'm trying to market.

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        If it’s an existing category and there is already demand, I would start with Google Ads in the short term and would also start doing content marketing/SEO for the long term.

        If it’s a new product and people aren’t searching for it, this will be more complicated because you can’t use Google Ads.
        I would do an explainer video to use for FB ads and then retarget website visitors and those who engaged.

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          Thanks for that. There are other services (very few) in the field but not offering the same service. I guess the Google Ads option is probably the best approach.

          When it comes to pricing, is it wise to try different prices and see which one is best? For example, one week I try my higher tier choice. Then another week a lower tier and keep doing that until I find a good ratio of profits and customers?

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            I’m not an expert at a/b testing so I’ll let someone else answer 😀

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            You can use the RemoteConfigs, an app that my team and I built to help with A/B testing. You can set up your pricing information in a configuration on RemoteConfigs and then let your app make use of it. You can then change your pricing from RemoteConfigs without having to recompile and republish your code/app. It's free up to 5 settings (which I think will be enough for you), so no need to worry about credit cards and trial periods. Check it out at

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