May 2, 2019

Ask IH: Who is running a productized service?

Robin Vander Heyden @Vinrob

Hey IH,

Who is running a productize service? What are you working on?


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    Hey @Vinrob, I'm running an ongoing design service similar to yours - ManyPixels. It's been going on for 4 years, still figuring out ways to improve on the service product to serve our customers better as well as putting out our message. ManyPixels is doing great, very happy for you! What do you do to stand out from the many unlimited graphic design businesses? Looking forward to more updates :)

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      Hey marylyn!

      What is your website? I think the key is actually to define a very clear niche, knowing how to serve them well will be much much easier after and you can expand from niche to niche after you've served one very well (example: Amazon Merch T-Shirt designers is a niche)

      And btw you're in Singapore, we should catch up!

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    I have several productized services: A Strategic Roadmap service, and Course Design Service that is a hybrid course + coaching experience.
    I'm constantly refining the Strategic Roadmap because thats the one that brings in the most revenue and has the most potential!

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      Super interesting, followed you on twitter as well!

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