March 27, 2019

ASK IH: Would you mind doing a 30 second survey on your previous employer(s)?

Vez Onn @vez1132

Here's the link: Looking to build the largest collection of anonymous company reviews. Your identity will never be revealed. Just want your honest opinion about your previous employer(s), not your current one. Well, nothing is stopping you from reviewing your current company but we figured you might be more honest about your previous one. Again, your identities will never be revealed.

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    Hard goal you set up for yourself. Can you share some other strategies in achieving this goal?

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      Strategies consist of reaching out to individuals in forums such as here (IH), Reddit, social media and personally emailing all the contacts that I have. My hope (I know, hope is not a strategy), is that individuals will pass along the survey to their connections also. I feel every job seeker should get an honest, unbiased opinion about a company they plan on joining. I've learned that Glassdoor is not reliable at all as it can be manipulated.

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        How can you make sure your site does not get manipulated the way Glassdoor is?