Money March 28, 2020

Ask IH: Would you pay for Charts Factory?

Ecehan Ece @ecehanece

Hello Indie Hackers,

A few days ago I started to monetize Charts Factory and I don't know the pricing I set is high or low.

I guess I need some advice from you guys to see the real value of this product.

Currently it's $11.99 per year.

Please let me know if I'm doing something wrong.

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    I'd advise against having the strikethrough on "free" in the heroic banner - it's the reverse of the typical usage where your 'slashing prices' sort of thing. Also, looks like there is no longer a free version? Maybe I am seeing a variant page, but those are things that would deter me from trying / buying. Have you tested doing a very basic free offering in addition to the paid tiers?

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      Thanks Adam,

      I got very useful feedbacks from you. I appreciate your help.

      I'm gonna change the heroic banner. It leads to bad marketing. I tried free option for one day and got 50 free users and I got a feeling that 'maybe free option was not a good idea', so I removed it.

      As I'm saying, I need to learn about marketing. For example, not every user of a product is a premium user..

      So I will put free option to Charts Factory again to build an audiance.

      What do you think about the price? Is $11.99 for a year is low or high? Or do I need both monthly and yearly pricings?

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        Hard for me to say as I don't believe I am currently a target customer. If I need a graph, it's usually on a website in which I'd use Google Charts or other chart APIs. I'd recommend researching and testing price models. Baremetrics has a good, but lengthy, article on price modeling that may be of use -

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    I think it depends on the audience.

    As an individual or student, I'm probably not going to use this very often, only when I have an assignment that requires it. To have a subscription for a full year seems a bit odd then imo.

    I think for a company, it might be important to have a privacy policy on your homepage as well.

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      Thanks for your feedback.
      You are right. I guess I need to change pricing to monthly.
      Also I'm putting a privacy policy on my homepage.