May 10, 2019

Ask IH: Would you pay for this?

John Nguyen @luanng1411

Hi IHers, I've just come up with an idea about a live streaming platform where experts in some specific fields can host an event to talk about some topic and user who interested will need to buy ticket in order to join.

The question is if you was an expert, would you use this platform? Or if you was a user, are you willing to pay for the ticket?

#ask-ih #idea-validation

    1. 1

      Hmmm, I cannot access its website, I think it had been shut down. But for what I read on AngelList, not so similar with my idea. But have you used it before? Also, thanks for the information.

      1. 1

        I have paid for asking some experts there. I like your idea :)
        How are you going to recruit experts?

        1. 1

          Thanks :) hmm my idea is not totally the same with Whale app. So no need to recruit experts, just need some marketing strategies to attract users

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