May 23, 2019

Ask IH: Would you use a cloud based dev environment based on vscode?

Andrei Miulescu @andreimc

Hey guys I’ve been working on this dev environment that’s set up in the cloud either using VSCode in a browser.

The idea behind it is to set it up on a website and automatically install things you need from ansible roles, it would set up everything you need and update things automatically.

The experience is pretty good, you select the extensions you want for vscode and paste your config, after which you select things to install like zsh, docker, go etc.

This recipes will be able to be shared with teams (not in the mvp).

But the idea is to make it super easy to manage this remote dev box!

What do you guys think, would you use something like this?

I’ve developed this cause I find myself on pretty shitty connections cause I’m traveling and I needed a reliable box so I can build my docker images.

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    Here's my credit card! <3

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    A freelancer who contracted out work to me helped me setup my local dockerized environment. It was pain since we were trying to figure out how to have multiple docker containers up (not using the same port).

    If the freelancer had a cloud VSCode environment I would have used it. I would not pay for it but the freelancer who contracted out work to me would be incentivized to.

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      Cool thanks, yeah what I’m thinking the benefit would be you wouldn’t have to buy 3-4K laptops just get cheap computers and have this cloud environment thad would be paid for by the hour. So it would actually be cheap. And you can shut down when you don’t use

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        The pain point I observed is the time and complexity of setting up multiple dev environments.

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          Yeah this would essentially solve that, you’d just create a template for your team, and they would each add their vscode settings and extensions. Also if you have super custom things I’d allow you to run an ansible role that you’d create.