March 17, 2019

Ask Laura Roeder and Branden Hampton on Startup Circle live

Abdo Riani @abdoriani

This coming week will be filled with interesting startup founders at Startup Circle but let me start with who we have on Tuesday the 19th.

Laura Roeder is back to guide and answer your questions about bootstrapping, social media and scalability. She’s the founder of MeetEdgar.

Laura will be live Tuesday at 9 am US Central time.

Branden Hampton will join next at 11 am. He is known for boosting social media engagement with creative tactics and strategies. He’ll give you insights that’ll make a difference in leveraging social media, especially Twitter, to increase awareness and traffic. He amassed over 35 million followers across many accounts, from scratch.

Join Branden’s session at 11 am US Central time.

If you’re interested in joining these live sessions on Tuesday, join Startup Circle at if you haven’t yet and then reply to the welcome email with the name of the guest expert(s) and "Indie Hackers". I’ll send you the invite shortly after.

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