May 8, 2019

AskIH: Nomadlist for co-working at the cafe

Shun Yamada @shyamady

A half years ago, I have been working on an application called "Seatify ( )". This is a smartphone application like a community where users help each other to book a seat at the cafe, office, restaurant, anywhere. So you can book a seat through the customer, not the owner.

I have already quit 2 reasons. 1) Not too often, 2) Booking fee is so expensive for even $5. But today, I have an idea if it's a membership model like Nomadlist, that may work. I hope I can pay $10 monthly.

In addition, it helps users to give an opportunity to meet up with new tech people :) What do you think?


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    I don't see why someone would want to rent a seat from a coffee shop to be honest. I just show up places are sit down.

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      What app do you use for that?

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    Not sure if the cafe owners are gonna be happy with this, especially because they tend to make much less money on the people that like to study/work at cafes ...

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      Yeah, I have to solve this problem :(